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Getting Started

The internet has proven to be a tremendous information resource in adoption, however, it is also very daunting. What adoption program is the right fit for our family? What adoption agency is reputable? What are the qualifications for each country and do we meet those criteria? These are all questions that can be challenging as you’re getting started.

But, fear not, Loving Shepherd Ministries is a wonderful objective resource that helps you and your family maneuver these initial steps to adoption. They can help you understand what your options are for adoption and subsequently they are poised to share with you reputable adoption agencies. Their ministry is a free resource to you!

International Adoption

Most of the world’s orphans are living overseas, many in extreme poverty and with little support.  Unfortunately, regulations and restrictions make it difficult for U.S. families to adopt children from several countries that have large orphan populations.  However, many countries do have international adoption programs in place and allow U.S. families to adopt children that, due to various circumstances, have a low probability of finding a forever family in their birth country. 

The following adoption agencies provide various placement services:

Please visit their websites for additional information on international adoption!

Domestic Adoption

There are several ways to go about adopting a child domestically.  First, adoptive families can utilize the services of an adoption attorney, who will help the family locate a birthmother and complete the necessary paperwork for the family.  Second, many adoption agencies have domestic adoption programs. Third, families can adopt domestically through the fost-adopt program.


Private adoption is either through an adoption agency or an attorney.

All God’s Children is a recommended agency that facilitates domestic adoptions.


Through California’s Fost-Adoption program, a child is placed with a potential adoptive family with the goal of being adopted by that family if reunification with the child’s birth family is not possible.  A child placed with a family may be able to be adopted immediately or may need to wait for the completion of a court process for parental rights to be terminated (during which reunification is still a possibility).

Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption is a growing adoption ministry.  Through embryo adoption, families adopt an embryo and can then carry and give birth to their adopted baby!  Embryo adoption is a great option for families who would love to see a frozen embryo be given the gift of life as their adopted child.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is an adoption agency that will be represented at our Adoption and Orphan Seminar in September that specializes in embryo adoption through their Snowflakes program.  Please visit their website and learn more about this adoption option!

Adoption Costs

The adoption costs a family will incur can vary greatly depending on the type of adoption.  While an international or private domestic adoption can cost in excess of $20,000, fees for an adoption through the Ventura County foster care system are minimal (and may be completely free for qualifying families). 

Do you feel called to adopt an international child or pursue a private domestic adoption, but financial constraints make such an adoption seem impossible?  We would encourage you to not let financial concerns hold you back!  There are funds and credits available for adoptive families that can help cover all or part of the costs of an expensive adoption. 

Adoption Grants – Employers

Many employers offer adoption grants to their employees to help them cover the costs of an adoption.  Please check with your employer to see if they offer such a program!  You may be surprised at what is available.

Adoption Grants – Organizations

Several non-profit organizations provide grants to families that need help covering the cost of an adoption.  Lifesong for Orphans is one such organization.  Lifesong provides interest-free loans and matching grants to families through their legacy fund.  Please click here to learn more about how Lifesong can help you cover the costs of your adoption!

Other organizations that we support that provide adoption grants and/or fundraising programs to adoptive families include:

Your Home Church

Your home church may be a great resource for adoption support!  Many churches provide adoption grants to members, or may be able to assist you with fundraising activities.  If your church does not currently have an adoption fund, we encourage you to present this idea to your church staff!!  Lifesong for Orphans helps churches set up and administer adoption funds, please click here to learn more about starting such a fund at your home church.

Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information
Adoption, Orphans, Foster Care