Dark to Dawn: Adoption, Orphans, Foster Care

The Dark to Dawn Adoption and Post-Adoption  Fund

Administered by Lifesong for Orphans

The Need

  • Millions of orphans world-wide are at risk of being trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, without anyone to love them…protect them…care for them.
  • Adoption cost of $20-30,000 seems “financially impossible” to many Christian couples. That feeling results in thousands of children remaining in orphanages instead of learning the gospel of Jesus Christ in a forever family.
  • Some orphanages are developing relationships with local churches in their country to enable families in their own country to step forward to become adoptive families. You can be a blessing to these families by helping them adopt children from local orphanages, often at a fraction of the cost of an international adoption.

Role of the Church

  • God has commanded His people (the Church) to care for those in need.  When God calls a couple to adopt, the financial hurdles provide places to see God’s provision in ways we never imagined. God wants to see His Church as a part of a couple’s “financial provision” in adoption.

How the Dark to Dawn Adoption Fund Works

  • We offer Matching Grants from $1,000 to $4,000 per child.
  • Lifesong qualifies and screens couples:
    • Spiritual: statement of faith, pastoral referral, salvation testimony, adoption testimony
    • Financial: statement of net worth, cash flow
    • Lifesong provides each family with a support raising kit
  • We match the funds raised by each family on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to a specified amount.
  • We also provide post-adoption grants to help families with respite or therapeutic care.
  • Lifesong manages and administers the Adoption Fund - at no cost to our Fund!
  • Since our Fund began in 2009, about $30,000 in matching fund grants has been awarded, and that has generated an additional $85,000 in donations to help the adoptive families.

How You Can Donate to the Fund

  • You can donate online or make your check payable to Dark to Dawn and write “Adoption Fund” in the memo section. Mail the check to us at the address below. All donations are tax-deductible.

Dark to Dawn’s website is www.DarktoDawn.org.
Our 501 C (3) non-profit tax ID number is 46-2100568.
Dark to Dawn, 1313 Avenida De Aprisa, Camarillo, CA 93010

Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information Adoption, Orphan, and Foster Care Information
Adoption, Orphans, Foster Care